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WebGIS software is available on a dedicated EUC server

Dear all, the software that has been design and tested during our project training events is available via the folowing link below. Please, contact EUC for further information: Mr. Evangelos Katsaros, Research Associate WebGIS Software Read more

Large Scale Training Event in Teruel, Spain

Please, follow the link below to watch directly on youtube the Large Scale Training held in the wider region of Teruel, in Aragon, Spain. Local stakeholders and volunteers provided us with valuable help, assisting not only to the training itself but also participating in several informative activities throughout the project, under the guidance of CARITAS Teruel and Mr. Jose Guillen. Read more
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4th Newsletter

Our project's 4th and final newsletter has already been sent out. You can also find it here in pics. Our Melogic Team wishes you the best for the Christmas Period. Read more

Yesterday MELOGIC was on the Cypriot news

Yesterday we were included in the most well-known and widely distributed newspaper of Cyprus d issemiating our Final Conference held in Brussels last November and promoting the National Event to be hosted by EUC in Cyprus on the 15th of December 2015. Read more

Final Conference in Brussels, 14th November 2016

Our Final Conference took place in Brussels. We introduced our project to the public, to EU Officials and to well-known academics all-around Europe, who came as invited/guest speaker to address issues relevant to our topic of Emergency Logistics. In addition, we hosted other EU projects that were related to our main concepts of research! Thank you all for being there.   Read more

EUC publication in the most widely distributed newspaper in Cyprus for the Final Conference

Read more

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The event of Vicenza on the press

The last weekend of October, our partner Red Cross Vicenza hosted a training session in order to introduce and make familiar the local shareholders with the MELOGIC project and how the algorithm works in an event of an emergency evacuation. Even though the participation was not as high as initially expected, mainly due to the facts of consecutive earthquakes that they "shaked" Central Italy and of the decision making centers around the country, which were working over-time shifts, the attendees managed ... Read more

CARITAS explains the Large Scale Exercise of Teruel to Italian audience

CARITAS participated last weekend in the event hosted by Red Cross Vicenza in Vicenza, Italy. During the training and informative session to the local stakeholders, Mr. Guillen presented and explained technical details, the procedure, the results and the impact of the training to the local populations in the wider region of Teruel, Spain. A dedicated article can be found on the following link:   Cáritas presenta los resultados del simulacro de Melogic en Italia Read more

MELOGIC article by the University of the Aegean (GR)

Dr. Zeimpekis & Dr. Koutras, from the University of the Aegean, are disseminating all the aspects of our project in the Special Logistics Sector in the most well-known Logistics Magazine in Greece. Read more

On-line registration for the dissemination in Italy

To whom it may concern, you can go online and register in the conference for the project's dissemination organized and hosted by Red Cross Vicenza that is taking place in Vicenza, IT on the 30th of October, Sunday, 2016 on the following link of eventbrite: MELOGIC dissemination Conference - Italy Read more
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