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Melogic going public in Greece

Last weekend (14th & 15th of November 2015) we had an informative publication of our project in a major free-press of Northern Greece "Karfitsa" in the printed version of the newspaper. The advantage of using a widely distributed free-press is the general belief of the lack of any type of political guiding of the newspaper; as a result we receive a deeper penetration in the society that gets informed about the crucial matter of Emergency Logistics. Read more

“Emergencies and Civil Protection” of the Secondary School “IES Francés de Aranda” (Teruel) 09.11.2015

On Monday the 9th of November our Project partner - CARITAS - and Mr. Jose Guillen presented the project to the students of "Emergencies and Civil Protection" of the Secondary School "IES Francés de Aranda" (Teruel, SPAIN). The objective was that students became familiar with our work, especially the preparation of our Small Scale Exercise, and analyze the possibility that both students and teachers to participate in the celebration of the exercise as observers integrating itself in different intervention groups.   Read more

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MELOGIC going Public in Spanish media!

One of the most important newspapers of the wider region of Aragon(Spain), in Teruel, covered our MELOGIC Project Meeting for the past few days as well as our work on the scene, in order to be able to better understand our Emergency Logistics Field Research & the future actions to come. Read more

3rd Partners Meeting Hosted by Caritas in Teruel, Spain

The 3rd Official Project Meeting of MELOGIC was held in the city of Teruel, Spain on the 16th and 17th of September 2015. It was a great success. All 5 partners participated actively in our Meeting and Local Authoprities and Stakeholders interviewed us and enjoyed our presentations. During the 2nd day of our Meeting we captured some major issues regarding our research for the design & implementation of the emergency logistics model we are working on.  End Result:Great cooperation between Project ... Read more

2nd Meeting in Helsinki, Finland, 9th & 10th June 2015, @Hanken University

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Kick-Off Meeting in Nicosia, Cyprus, 17th & 18th February 2015 @European University Cyprus

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